Coming Up – ECB Meeting, USA Unemployment and Chinese Inflation

Week of March 4

Stockholm (Ekonamik) – The tenth week of 2019 will only really get started on Thursday, so markets will have most of the week to settle back into their routine following the Carnival break.

The main event on the agenda for this week is the monetary policy decisions of the ECB, on Thursday. The day after, Japanese GDP figures will be published for the fourth quarter of 2018, as well an unemployment figures for the USA and Canada. Chinese inflation figures are expected to be released on Saturday.

04/03/2019MondayGDP Growth (Korea) (2018 Q4)
CPI Inflation (Turkey) (Feb 2019)
Unemployment (Spain) (Feb 2019)
05/03/2019TuesdayGDP Growth (Italy, South Africa) (2018 Q4)
CPI Inflation (Korea, Luxembourg) (Feb 2019)
Unemployment (Ireland) (Feb 2019)
Bond Issuance (Japan)
06/03/2019WednesdayGDP Growth (Australia) (2018 Q4)
CPI Inflation (Russia) (Feb 2019)
Bond Issuance (Japan, UK)
07/03/2019ThursdayECB Monetary Policy Meeting
GDP Growth (EZ) (2018Q4) (Final)
CPI Inflation (Cyprus, Estonia, Mexico, Netherlands) (Feb 2019)
Unemployment (Greece) (Feb 2019)
Bond Issuance (France, Spain)
08/03/2019FridayGDP Growth (Japan) (2018Q4) (Final)
CPI Inflation (Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania) (Feb 2019)
Unemployment (Canada, USA) (Feb 2019)
09/03/2019SaturdayCPI Inflation (China) (Feb 2019)


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