Coming Up – China Inflation, ECB Meeting and UK Financial Stability

08/07/2019MondayBalance of Trade (Germany) (May)
Consumer Inflation Expectations (United States) (June)
Bond Issuance (Lithuania, ESM)
09/07/2019TuesdayNAB Business Confidence (Australia) (June)
Inflation Rate (Mexico) (June)
Current Account Q2 (Russia)
Bond Issuance (Austria, Germany, Netherlands)
10/07/2019WednesdayUnemployment Rate (South Korea) (June)
Inflation Rate (China)(Brazil) (June)
Balance of Trade (UK) (May)
Interest Rate Decision, Press Conference (Bank of Canada)
FOMC Minutes (United States)
ECB Non-Monetary Policy Meeting
Bond Issuance (Czech Republic, Germany)
11/07/2019ThursdayInflation Rate (Germany) (France) (United States) (June)
BoE Financial Stability Report (UK)
Monetary Policy Meeting Minutes (Mexico)
OPEC Monthly Report (Saudi Arabia)
Bond Issuance (Hungary, Italy, Poland, Ireland)
12/07/2019FridayBalance of Trade (China) (Russia) (May)
Inflation Rate (Spain) (India) (June)


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