Coming Up – BI Interest rates, PMIs and G7 Meeting

Week 34, 2019

Stockholm (Ekonamik) – While there will be 5 central bank meetings this week, they will all take place in relatively small emerging market economies, for the most part. While the Bank of Indonesia’s meeting will catch most of the monetary attention the banks of Zambia, Paraguay, Egypt and Sri Lanka will also decide on their interest rates.

Otherwise, the main news this week will be the inflation, GDP and composite PMI data updates across the developed world. Finally, we expect there to be some political noise as politicians start posturing ahead of the G7 Summit

next weekend.

19/08/2019MondayBalance of Trade (Japan) (July)
Current Account Balance (€Z, Italy) (June)
CPI Inflation (€Z)(July)
Unemployment Rate (Russia)(July)
GDP Growth (Russia) (July)
Bond Issuance(ESM, France, Lithuania)
20/08/2019TuesdayRBA Meeting Minutes (Australia)
CBI Industrial Trends Orders (UK) (August)
Bond Issuance (Germany, Italy)
21/08/2019WednesdayBank of Zambia interest rate decision
Bank of Paraguay interest rate decision
RBI Meeting Minutes (India)
FOMC Meeting Minutes (USA)
CPI Inflation (South Africa, Canada)(July)
Balance of Trade (Spain)(June)
Leading Indicator (Argentina) (July)
Public Sector Net Borrowing (UK)(July)
Bond Issuance (Germany)
22/08/2019ThursdayBank of Indonesia interest rate decision
Central Bank of Egypt interest rate decision
Composite PMI (Australia, €Z, France, Germany, Japan, USA)(August)
Kansas Fed Manufacturing Index (USA) (August)
Bond Issuance (Hugary, Italy)
23/08/2019FridayCentral Bank of Sri Lanka interest rate decision
CPI Inflation (Japan)(July)
GDP Growth (Mexico)(2019Q2)
Current Account Balance (Mexico)(2019Q2)
24/08/2019SaturdayG7 Summit
25/08/2019SundayG7 Summit


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